Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ten Years

Ten Years

It was ten years (yesterday) that I married an amazing man who I have fallen in love with more over the years. It is funny, when you get married you think there is no way you could love that person more and then life happens and you see their real character. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good but when you hit the valleys and come out of them, you realize again God's plan for your life and marriage. I would lie to say that David and I have never gone through difficulty with many things: relationship, health, childbirth, adoption and so on. What is so amazing is how when God is in the middle of it and we are listening he never wastes those difficulties without showing us how to be better and grow. It seems like yesterday that we got married, we were so young and very ignorant about what lie ahead in our marriage but sometimes I think it is easier not to know maybe how hard it will be. The good times are amazing and that is where we are at now, at this season. We have both changed over the years so much but because of our foundation we are able to support each others dreams and aspirations. is my shrine to David on our tenth anniversary. Ten things I absolutely love about him:

  • His Humor

  • His Compassion when I am sick

  • His Heart and willingness to change when needed

  • His love and devotion to spending time with his children, taking them on dates and building memories

  • His love for God

  • His love for his mom

  • His Hottness:)

  • His comments that embarrass be but make me feel like I am the hottest girl alive (he does wear glasses though hmmm.)

  • His genuine love for my family (well most of them ha, ha)

  • He kisses me and the kids everyday before he leaves and when he gets home

We spent our anniversary crying, watching 2 terrible movies that I picked, going to the grocery store and well you know:) Funny how things change when you have an overnight sitter. Errands are so fun together when you can hold another adults hand and you don't have to remind them not to run in the street!

P.S. I got an electric pencil sharpener and Label maker for my present, so hilarious but he knows me too well. I love very sharp pencils and I love to lable things. A diamond would have been ok too:)

Happy Super Bowl Weekend

Go Cardinals:)


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank you for today

Kloee on her two wheels!

I am starting a photo book online for 2009 and I realized what an eventful month and year we have had already! Kloee learned to ride her bike on 2 wheels, Brody learned to crawl, David started school to pursue his dream of being a firefighter, I am finally recovering from Mono and Kloee started a new school. Holy Cow, it makes me tired to think of all of this.
P.S. When Kloee rides her bike outside she often sings songs that she makes up at the top of her lungs up and down the street. It is so amazing that she doesn't even pay attention to who is around she is really in her own world. Her bike is like her best friend.

As many of you are aware, I have just come through quite a difficult time of being sick and stuck inside. Today, I was reminded so many times of how thankful I am to be feeling better. Sometimes we take for granted the smallest things that others would give the world for like, walking, eating, sleeping, housing, children and so on. I had a coversation today and someone said "what do they think you are rich"? In a sense I feel so rich, richly blessed. I have a wonderful family, a home to live in and create a life, beautiful children, food to eat, education, jobs (more than 1 or 2) and so on. But....if you ask if I am rich, I would say yes, rich in the things that matter most and make life worth while:)


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Into the Archives

So as the story goes:
I was sitting in the quiet place where there is no noise (the bathroom) and looking through a journal that I keep for Kloee. I write funny things she says and does and I also write her letters that I will read to her later on. I always write a letter on her birthday about the previous year and the things that have happened. I was reflecting on her going to school and growing up so fast and I looked back at some of the funny things she said when she was between 2-3. I thought I would fondly remind you of them as I am sure you have already heard these stories.
*Uncle Nik-Always told Kloee that the Toothfairy took his hair. She saw a picture of him with hair and said "I guess the Toothfairy gave him his hair back"
*During a surgery stay while I was in the hospital, Kloee had to stay with several people. She missed Daivd and I very badly and it was becoming obvious. Kloee was staying with David's mom that night and as they pulled away from the hospital, David was walking away and Kloee said "I really do miss that little fella, I miss my daddy" How priceless!
*We were driving in the car and something really bothered Kloee and she said "that really pisses me off" David and I didn't know if we should laugh or cry. It was quite funny.
Kloee was investigating her dolls, as she often still does and she said"mommy the baby had boobies and I have boobies and you have boobies and daddy has really small circles" We were thrilled that she knew her shapes.
I can't wait to start writing the funny things that Brody says, it is what he does that is funny. He basically follows me around all day trying at the chance that he may be able to catch the bottom of my pants and hang on for a ride. He is mama's boy for sure. He laughs at me when I say "mama" he says "dada" instead!
That is it for today:)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kloee's First Day

So today was Kloee's first official day at her new school, Imagine at Rosefield. You see we have been homeschooling up until this point but Kloee has not been as fond of the whole idea as I have. We went to get all her school supplies and uniforms and she said to me "Mom if we have unifoms, I can't even have my own style". Apparently she is not to crazy about them. She was adorable and when her Nani and I picked her up today, she went on and on about how great it was! Something funny she told us was that she had something for some people we know. I said oh yeah, what? She proceeded to tell me that we have some people in our lives that are alcoholics and drug abusers and her school sent home something that we should send to those people (she named them off). Anyways, they were bookmarks that tell kids to "Say no to Drugs and Drinking". It was so innocent and pure. So for our first post there it is:

My reason for doing this is, I was inspired by She is truly inspirational, and has such a positive perspective that got me through my Mono. Her situation is much worse and yet she is amazing in the midst of it.