Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kloee's Crush

Well, as many of you realize Kloee has not entered 2nd grade at Imagine. We are so blessed to again have a great teacher and one that really seems to enjoy having Kloee in her class. Of course with Kloee comes some funny stories so I just though I would share.
On the first few days of class, Kloee kept telling me about a boy that wouldn't behave and the teacher had to constantly talk to him about what to do. Kloee shared with me that this was really annoying but she just tried to ignore it. I thought the ordeal was over but in Kloee's mind she really needed a concrete answer to "his" problem. As David and I had a conference with the teacher and Kloee just explaining some of the skin issues that could affect her at school, out of the blue Kloee asked Ms. W if she can ask her a question. Kloee said I don't know if it is appropriate or not, Ms. W said we are alone go ahead. Kloee proceeded to ask if the little boy who does not listen very well has some type of Special Needs. The teacher laughed as we did and said wow I certainly didn't expect that question. I think because of my job working with kids of all abilities at church, she has really become accustomed to being comfortable asking questions it was priceless!

Next story:
The 3 of us were chatting the other day about school and how Kloee is liking it. One of the things that we are trying to figure out is if she has any really good friends. She doesn't really say a lot but then gets this sparkle in her eye and says "well, I think I have a crush" oh yikes, already. We stay calm and ask what she means and she said well, there is this boy from my class last year and when we are together I feel like we are the only 2 people on the planet! What in the World!!! She asked us if that's how you know he's the right one. Oh, my we asked her if he was a Christian and she said she didn't get that far. I can hardly believe my ears but I guess this is part of parenting!