Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Something to blog about:

It has been many months from the last time I sat down and shared our life with you. I guess that is because life has taken over once again with some crazy plans that we didn't see coming. It if funny when you think you may have a system, how easily that can change.

Yesterday was close to a perfect day. David stayed home from work unexpectedly and we had 3 extra little boys that are special to us come over and spend the day. It started out very typical and ended on such a high note.

You see I think the tone of the day was all set by our breakfast. We had funny face pancakes that the kids made and they had a blast. We had some crooked eyes, some flat noses but the hairstyles were the best!

After that we spent the morning at the movies and it was delightful. We then went to get frozen yogart and Tyler, who is the youngest, I think finished off everyone's! Noah got a brain freeze so he couldn't finish his. We came home and ate lunch and then all crashed for a good nap!

The best part of the day is so funny! Kloee hooked up our bike trailer to her bike a few days ago and took her babies on a ride of their life! Well she had this great idea that she would make Taxi stops for Noah and Tyler and she would take them as her passengers. It was hilarious to listen to them get in the trailer and then instruct her where to go. I could hardly believe that she was pulling around about 70 pounds on her bike and loving it.

At the end of the day Jared and Kloee were talking about Jared's recent baptism and it was so cute to here them have an uninterrupted conversation about God and their thoughts.

It was a great day.