Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sweet Cousin

Today after church , we went to eat at Grandma's house. Who doesn't love dinner at Grandma's. It is kind of like a guarantee that it will be delicious. We had family in town and so we all went over and ate to our heart's content!
Kylie, our niece was so funny today. When Kloee walked in she said "Hey there's my favorite cousin" my dad then asked her "Where do I find myself a favorite cousin?" She proceeded to point to Kloee and smile really big. Kylie is one of the funniest kids I know:) She keeps us laughing for sure. We are thankful for family, food and funny Kylie.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kloee and Kylie Best Cousins

The small things that make life good right now. Two girls in Nani's tub making a huge splash! Pretending to wear crazy hairstyles that are created by Auntie Amy while Auntie Lindsay holds the Brody boy.
The girls are so loud.
Nani lays on her bed wishing she felt better.
Papa is down stairs snoozing along with Paul and Nik.
Family nights, what a sweet, sweet thing. It was a tradition, now it is a way of life. We gather every week on Thursdays to eat, watch T.V., catch up and now sit on the porch of Nani and Papa's new house and gaze at the beautiful Mountains.
It is treasured and a sacred time.
It is the one time of week that we usually see our whole family.
We are lucky enough to all like each other.
We love going home to mom and dad's.
We are so thankful for family.
Life is difficult but God is good and so is our entire family.
We are blessed.