Friday, July 3, 2009

When is the last time you went camping? For real camping, in the woods in a tent camping? I love camping about as much as life itself, especially if you can't get cell phone service! It is the only way in this world to honestly be unreachable for a short amount of time. What do I love about camping? I love planning, shopping and going, setting up, getting wood for fires and finding a good spot to take care of business! We were at family night on Thursday, as usual, I was talking with my sister Lindsay about our upcoming camping trip. It was so much fun, we planned our menu and I began to imagine how much fun it will be to organize all of our stuff to go. We will leave on Tuesday but I already have stuff sitting in the garage ready to go. I can't help myself. We used to go all the time when I was younger. I can only remember a ton of fun. My mom recalls things a lot differently, it is quite funny to hear the stories now that we are older. Loads of dirty laundy, camping in the snow, camping in the rain, making french toast, driving on scary roads in a small bus (15 passenger van) and all of the other things my mom did for the love of my dad. I am not sure that she really loved camping, but she loves him and the outdoors are just in his blood. The real reason I think I love camping is because there is no way to deny creation when you are camping. You are surrounded by so many things and you sit around the campfire at night with all the stars and just wonder what God is doing up there. It is all such a mystery. I can't wait to go, with the kids and just enjoy being away from T.V. and phones and even the computer! This crazy life hardly ever affords us to truly be away from it all!