Friday, September 4, 2009

Kloee and Love

So....I am not sure what school is doing to Kloee but apparently she feels the need to discuss how and when she will find her future husband. We again were sitting at the table, just the two of us the other day and she said "Mommy say David" in my mind I am thinking what in the world am I getting myself into so I said "What are you talking about?" Kloee calmly replied "Say daddy's name, say David" I obliged and she said "Oh my gosh, your eyes are dilated in love, see how they get really big in the middle when you say daddy's name!" Then she proceeded to tell me to watch her eyes and she said the name of a little boy, I have never seen her eyes get so big in my whole life, again she told me that the dilation of the big part of her eyes means that she is in love. Again is he a Christian with good morals, high standards and firm plans of attending college were a bit far off for her.